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crazyelenaxoxo — Tagged!!!:)


Thank you swimmergurrl for tagging me ur awesome and sorry it took me so long to do this i was pretty busy but now i did it!!!

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write eleven new ones

Rule 3: Tag eleven people and link them to the post

Rule 4: Tell them you tagged them

1. Favorite superhero from avengers?

I guess Captain America

2. Favorite book or series?

Oh i love the Lord of The Rings trilogy!!

3. Dream job?

Ummm im thinking about being a chemist but i wouldnt call it a dream job.

4. Celebrity crush?

Huang Zi Tao all the way omggggg!! He my ultimate kpop bias!!!

5. Favorite type of movies

i really love Fantasy and Action movies!!

6. Hunger Games or Divergent?

Hunger Games which is amazing and i never watched Divergent so idk but i heard the movie was bad but the book was good so maybe ill read the book one day after i finish my two summer reading books!!

7. Superpower?

Hmmm I guess Kai’s power Teleportation so i can go hang with my friends all the time!!!:) And travel to many parts of the world without having to pay for an airplane ticket!!

8. Favorite Food? Pastaaaaa!!!😁

9. Any Siblings? 
I have an older sister who recently went off to college in Ohio.:( I miss her.

10. Vampire or Werewolf?
 Hmmm well if i was a werewolf i could be in Exo’s pack sooooo ill go with werewolf and i can’t be a vampire cause i would be to scared to bit anyone and if i saw blood i would freak out but eating someone is worse hmmmm but yeah werewolf.

11. (Ik this was already used but I still want to know!) What’s your OTP? HUNHAN!!!!:D Lolololol honestly any shipping in Exo is fine with me!!!:)

I summon 11 ppl (omg like amount of Exo members :D): wuyifandrewmeadragon

And my 11 questions are:

1. Favorite group?
2. Bee or fly?
3. Favorite hobby?
4. Did u like A Fault In Our Stars?
5. Did u like the movie or book better why or why not?
6. Where would u like to travel to one day?
7. Any ppl who inspire u?
8. If u had the chance to get any one of the Exo members powers for 24 hours which one would u choose?
9. Favorite song?
10. Mountains or Sea?
11. How was ur summer?:D P.S. Your awesome!!!:)))

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